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Supporting Sustainability

Building a happier future through business.

The world is shifting toward sustainability and wellbeing.

What will our world look like in 2030, the target year for the SDGs? The SDGs were unanimously adopted by member states at a United Nations summit in 2015, and under the banner of “no one left behind,” our societies are shifting towards sustainability.
In 2021, the World Economic Forum focused on the idea of a “great reset” and explored the limits of growth systems based on the pursuit of economic value. Klaus Schwab, the founder and chair of the World Economic Forum, said that economies should be rethought from the perspective of human happiness, and sent a message to the entire world on the importance of wellbeing.
The business environment has changed for companies and brands, and they are being asked to commit to the achievement of sustainable societies and lifestyles oriented towards wellbeing.

To be society and living better by connecting brands and consumer.

It should go without saying that corporate and brand actions are crucial to achieving the SDGs and improving wellbeing. The perspectives of “buy-in from society” and “buy-in from consumers” will be essential if those activities are to be sustainable. The key challenge for companies and brands is “how to connect sustainability and commerce and use them to drive their businesses.”
Our purpose is to “create future that happiness circulates by communication science.” It is this that led to the launch of the “ASAKO SUSTAINABLE ACTIVATION®,” a cross-functional project to “Create values by connecting societies and companies.” We are now fusing the insights that we have gained over long years in communications science with the new knowledge created by a newly established laboratory for use in creating new collaborations among companies, brands, societies and consumers around the ideas of sustainability and wellbeing.

Establishment of the Sustainability Lab® to examine ideas for “better living” for the individual.

The Sustainability Lab is an institutional unit that focuses on “better living for the individual” and promote corporate support for the achievement of sustainable societies. The Lab conducts surveys, publishes information, leverages knowledge to develop solutions, and works on collaborative projects with partners and cooperating companies.
For example, the team began conducting a “Consumer Wellbeing Survey” in 2021, measuring the degree of happiness in ordinary life and using the proprietary “60 Wellbeing Metrics” to analyze the survey and the findings are released.

Expanding activities and recruiting the partners to create sustainable societies.

We have identified specific areas of focus for social implementation within the context of sustainability and wellbeing. One example is “Aging Gracefully,” the idea of skillfully adapting to the aging process and continuing to live on one's own terms. Similarly, the “Outlying Islands” project focuses on the parts of Japan where it is most urgent to address issues, while “Phase Free” expands the range of disaster preparedness to build more robust communities able to effectively utilize ordinary items in times of disaster rather than maintaining special stores. All of these activities enjoy strong collaboration with partner companies.

Aging Gracefully Project

In 2020, one out of every two Japanese women reached age 50 or older. This project examines wellbeing for women, focusing on 40s and 50s where the physical and mental changes begin to face. We provide support for women to “shine with their own unique styles” in middle age together with The Asahi Shimbun Company and Takarajimasha.