Our Services

Wide range of services
for multidimensional problem solutions


Integrated our business units organically organize specialists into teams
to develop optimum solutions for the challenges clients face.

Digital &Marketing Solution

Design digital and marketing strategies to
support digital transformation at advertisers

The business and management environments are rapidly changing, and companies must leverage digital technology to rebuild their management approaches and business processes if they are to survive.
ASAKO provides advertisers with “business goal support” for their digital transformation, combining “digital solutions” (the building of environments for data and digital marketing and support for their use) with “strategic planning” (the development of solutions to marketing challenges).

  • Design of communication strategies based on analyses and visualizations of consumer behaviors and personas that integrate first-party and third-party data
  • Design of communications scenarios based on customer journeys
  • Definition of requirements, design, and building of data environments that serve as the foundation for measures; linking of this infrastructure to relevant channels
  • Accelerated PDCA cycle through the development of dashboards for marketing data
  • Use of data analysis to identify customer segments, formulate scenarios and develop CRM solutions
  • Planning and production of advertising, content and websites for PC, mobile, and all other digital devices
  • Communications design that utilizes the entire range of PESO media
  • Development of services and concepts for the support of new mobile apps and social media platforms

Brand Design

Brand design by connecting society,
consumers and customers

Social conditions and living environments are dramatically changing, and ASAKO develops the context for the creation of values that are held in common by companies, brands, communities, consumers, internal people and all other stakeholders.
As a brand partner, we provide contextual brand strategy, brand experience design, brand management design, development and operational solutions to achieve your business goals.

  • Creation of common values for companies, brands, societies, consumers and all other stakeholders
  • Design, development and implementation of brand strategy, brand experience design and brand management
  • Research for understanding brand strategies, brand experience designs and brand management
  • Development and implementation of content based on brand strategy and brand experience design
  • Support for the development of brand management structures
  • Support and assistance as a brand partner (support for workshops, training programs and skills development)


Permanent relationship
with brand and a consumer

ASAKO achieves this goal by applying a tailored approach to each scene or phase of a consumer's encounter.
It is not about simply delivering a message once but making consumers constantly aware of the brand; ASAKO uses data to analyze feedback and tailor its messages to changing attitudes.
The improved brand value serves as information that enriches people's lives and brings greater value to society.
This is our ideal for creative.

  • Consulting on creative strategy
  • Solutions from creative units and analytical tools 
  • Solutions produced in collaboration with a wide range of alliance partners

Sales Promotion

Leveraging ideas and technology
to create shared experiences

Consumers always seek experiences that are relevant and valuable to them. We foster consumer empathy and buy-in by providing consistent brand experiences that aligns with a specific themes.
Our solution involves designing consumer experiences and executing the project to gain ideal reputation.
We identify challenges from two perspectives: shopper management (producing the purchasing environment) and consumer management (a broader view of purchasing behavior).
To support advertisers’ business successes, we develop brand experience in both real and virtual life by leveraging data and technology.

  • One-stop solutions for planning, production and administration of sales promotions
  • Consistent communications planning from in-store tools to advertising
  • Campaign planning, from production of giveaway to implementation of campaigns and campaign office operation
  • Producing brand experiences by conducting events, contests, and spatial designs, etc.
  • Covers everything from PR and corporate risk communications planning to the content business

Media Solution

Contact point of information design and high speed PDCA to maximize communication effectiveness

How consumer (target audience) contact to the brand? When and where they contact? What kind of situation and emotion they have?
A key element in maximizing marketing and creative ideas is simulations to understand human behavior and emotions by utilizing extensive and large amounts of consumer data.
ASAKO provides optimal media strategy and executions, tactical planning and media buying based on the communication strategy to achieve the brand's marketing objectives. Furthermore, integrated analysis of response data in real time enables a high-speed PDCA cycle. We contribute to solve issues by leveraging media-neutral ideas and the power of media and content.

  • Media solutions across the entire media
  • Data-driven media planning based on estimation of effectiveness through simulation tools by utilizing wide-ranging media and consumer data
  • PDCA based on integrated analysis of "Advertising data" such as TV viewership and Ad impressions, and "Conversion data" such as site traffic and purchases.
  • Digital media planning including audience planning, buying, management, reporting and advertising effectiveness measurement (development of marketing dashboards based on BI tools and similar techniques)
  • Advertising serving design and PDCA to ensure brand safety and viewability
  • Support for direct marketing with proprietary media planning knowledge and optimized content and exposure strategies
  • Our TV and radio buying takes advantage of our business alliance with Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, one of the largest and strongest advertising agencies in Japan
  • Providing unique and effective solutions with media, content, and resources of the Asahi Shimbun Group
  • Production of power content utilizing properties held by major media companies and content holders

Content Produce

Solving brand communication issues
with content as the key

Content continues to diversify as technology evolves and media environments change.
We develop content-driven integrated communications to solve brand issues and connect internal and external specialists to carry out content & ad distribution to win empathy.
ASAKO is committed to creating value that moves the hearts of every stakeholder and connects brands and societies.

  • Planning and production of content-focused integrated marketing communications
  • Communication and content solutions that go beyond advertising to encourage and develop PR and social buzz
  • Development of brand original content that leverages the IP of media and content holders

DX Design

Use of Tech & Design
to create experiential value

In a future where digital technology has evolved and individual technologies have merged, several common practices will be different from those of today.
ASAKO’s desire “We create future that happiness circulates by communication science” will not change even then.
We welcome all technologies to realize our desire and design experience value to contribute to companies, society, and consumers.

  • Research services that observe and analyze changes in consumers and users
  • Development and support for service designs that bring together brands and consumers
  • Technology-driven creative solutions
  • Brand experience design leveraging the meta-verse and WEB3 technologies
  • Development and support for digital services to address social issues
  • Development of new advertising businesses