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Overall Direct Marketing Business Work Flow
A strong brand can create a firm position within minds of a customers, and thus enables the establishment of a premium price and long-standing bond with the customers. A strong brand can contribute to the long-term improvement of your company’s revenue as well as to the increase of your company’s corporate value.

We provide support in the creation of a strong brand that ensures deep and lasting bond of intimacy with customers through brand development and implementation of brand execution plan based on your company’s corporate strategy.

For example, when you consider expanding your business in Asia, what is considered as brand value in Japan is not necessarily workable in another country’s local environment. There is a need to manage a brand strategy by reviewing each element that constitutes the brand and adapting it to best fit the market in each country. There are different targets and competing brands in different markets. We have the knowledge and know-how in order to manage the brand based on the in- depth understanding of the brand value as well as the understanding of each country’s environment and insight.